Attending Eyewear Computing in Dagstuhl Seminar

Hi all - I'm now in Germany to attend Dagstuhl Seminar. This seminar series is a prestige conference for selected people to discuss possible direction of specific research field. On the courtesy of Dr. Kai Kunze in Graduate School of Media Design (Keio University), I'm joining this seminar as backgrounds of a Haptics researcher. Since the TECHTILE toolkit works great for haptics experience prototyping, I'm really happy to join this seminar and enjoying this intense but warm atmosphere of top researchers. 

Gathering picture taken on the 2nd day of the seminar. On the COURTESY of Dagstuhl seminar website. 


In the second day, I have a short demo of the TECHTILE toolkit and possible applications for mulitimodality in eye-wear computing. 

Demonstrating the techtile toolkit in subgroup workshop. 

You know, it is a little bit tough experience to discuss a topic which I've not worked so much, but it is really creative experience to combine two different expertise to produce one another novel idea. I did the same thing when I was in Columbia University Medical Center, in which I've learned Genetics, Molecular biology and Neuroscience in one of most excellent research environment in the world. At that time I had only a little knowledge in biology (I could do some experiments but not very fluent). However, I've published a paper in good journal and got to know fantastic people in Touch Neuroscience community. It is a pain in the beggining, but after 10,000 hours effort (estimated), you will get to another stage as a researcher. I hope this happens also in eye-wear computing study. Hope my good luck :).

Here is the abstract of the seminar